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Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World, one of my favourite places in the city (or just outside it, in the green belt)

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reverse-gaia whispered:"Why doesn't Relm make any of the battle plans? 'Cause she tends to be a bit /sketchy/ on the details!~" 


Her lips twitch. “With time and guidance I think she’d do well.” Though that was more an affirmation of her teaching abilities than anything.

There were quite a few things about Relm that reminded Celes of herself…all of the things she was forced to restrain and smother before it even had a chance to truly blossom. “She’d be good at improv, but she just needs to be less reckless.”

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"Goldentailedthief is hands down one of my fave Zidane blogs on this site. Mun portrays him the way he should be portrayed; as a complex character with many aspects to his personality. They way he’s played is absolutely flawless and I’m so glad I followed! If anyone wants to RP with a perfectly portrayed Zidane I say go give this blog a follow!"

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Such a great game.

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FFVI Locke

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

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Sabin and Edgar by the incredibly talented prema-ja. Looks like it’s time to play Final Fantasy VI again!

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here’s a terra I drew as a commission sample a week or so ago, hopefully I’ll have commissions open in a few days!